Extraction systems for the laser industry

BOFA’s range of ADVANTAGE laser fume extraction and filtration systems are designed for applications that generate particulate and gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) within the Laser Marking, Coding and Engraving Industries.

Our advanced extraction systems remove contaminants invisible to the human eye, whether generated by CO2 laser systems, found in high speed packaging lines, solid state YAG lasers or new generation fibre technologies.

Features such as advanced filtration, flow rate control and our revolutionary Intelligent (iQ) Operating System, mean our units help manufacturers protect valuable equipment, maintain a higher quality mark and reduce downtime.


We offer BOFA systems to all of out Laser machines.

  • DeepPleat DUO pre filter extends filter life.
  • Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) extends filter life
  • Construction of carbon filter means any odour is totally absorbed.
  • Majority of filters are produced using fire resistant materials.
  • Know exactly what filter you need to change and when.
  • Large surface area of filters mean cheaper overall cost of ownership.
  • Automatically sense local voltage and automatically operate between 90-257V, for global use.

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